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Throughout my career as an author, I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects that have challenged me as a writer and helped me grow my skills. Each of these projects has a unique story and message that I was honored to bring to life through my writing. 

The Token Black Kids

Follow the journey of dancer Arianna Farrell as she embarks on a quest to find her missing sister with her sister's closest friend, Kellen. Along the way, Ari unveils a hidden narrative of racial discrimination connected to her sister's vanishing, all while serendipitously discovering the profound resonance of love.

The Color of Love and Sorrow

A story of love and loss following 16-year-old Harper Cassidy's return to her Montana hometown, with a dark family secret in tow and reignited feelings for her childhood best friend.

Outside The Lines

A young adult romance novel centered on seventeen-year-old Eloise, a girl who suffers from the fear of chasing her artistic dreams. Her life takes a thrilling turn when she crosses paths with her crush, who ignites her passion for art.

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